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Legalisation, Supralegalisation, Apostille

Avoid wasting time at queues, counters and institutions, to obtain the necessary visas for legalisation and apostille.

Gain free time and leave in our care the trips to all state institutions / embassies.

Our team handles the entire process of legalisation, superlegalisation and apostille at the Chamber of Notaries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prefecture, Embassies

4.9 / 5 [ 2788 reviews ]

Legalised translation services in Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Danish, Hebrew, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian

IMPORTANT: in order for us to carry out the legalisation, you need to bring the original document to our office, so that we can show it to the Notary

The legalisation process will be carried out in a few hours (or urgently – upon request), after the translation process has been completed


  • The legalisation procedure includes the authorisation of the translations, the preparation of the documentation and then the legalisation at the Notary Public;
  • We provide you with all the services you need:
    • Notarised legalisation of the authorised translation;
    • Legalised copies of legalised documents;
    • Certain date for authentic documents;
  • We have partnerships with the most important Notaries Public in Bucharest and Ilfov;
  • The legalisation will be performed within a few hours after the translation is finished, or as a matter of urgency – upon request;
  • IMPORTANT: it is necessary to bring the original document to our office, so that we can present it to the Notary Public;


  • The apostille is a certificate issued by the authorities of a Hague Convention, for official documents drawn up in that country, to be presented on the territory of another Hague Convention country;
  • The purpose of the apostille is to authenticate the origin of an official document, to prevent the use of false document;
  • In order to obtain the apostille, the following steps must be taken:
    • (1) Prefecture Apostille on the official original document (if case) → (2)Translating it into the country destination language;
    • (3) Legalised translation by the Notary Public → (4) Apostille of the legalised translation at the Chamber of Notaries;


  • Superlegalisation is used on documents used in non-signatory countries to the Hague Convention;
  • The superlegalisation is carried out in Bucharest, at the Chamber of Notaries Public, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies;
  • For the superlegalisation of documents used in Non-Hague countries, the process is:
    • (1) Superlegalisation of the original at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and (2) at the Embassy of the state where it will be used;
    • (3) Translating it into the language of the country of destination and (4) Legalisation of the translation at a Notary Public;
    • (5) Superlegalisation of the legalised translation at the Chamber of Notaries Public, (6) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and (7) at the Embassy of the state where it will be used;

Benefits and
advantages for you

General benefits for all orders

  • Availability 7 / 7 days – by telephone, e-mail and chat;
  • Account Manager dedicated for your orders;
  • Reply by e-mail in about 1 business hour;
  • Specialised consultancy for cost efficiency;

Enjoy your free time

  • We prepare the documents that require legalisation, in order to comply with the procedures of Notaries and institutions;
  • We take your place and go to the institutions (Notaries, Chamber of Notaries, Embassies), to legalise the translations;

We deliver how and where you need

  • Free delivery across Romania, for orders of +100 EUR;
  • Document delivery in original at our office, either by e-mail in scanned form or by express courier (TNT / FedEx), anywhere in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, etc;

Financial benefits

  • Online payment, directly from the invoice, via MobilPay platform, in maximum 30 seconds;
  • Payment by bank transfer (Unicredit ), cash or card at our office;
  • Discounts of up to 60% for orders of +100 pages;

Choose your favorite package

Packages with additional proofreading contain 1 translator + 1 proofreader,
where the 2nd translator will verify the translation,  reducing the risk of translation errors


Without Proofreading

Customer's choice
Experienced Translator
Without proofreading

Recommended for:

Personal use only
Docs w/a financial risks
Docs w/a medical risks


Local Proofreader

Customer's choice
Experienced Translator
Local Proofreader (România)

Recommended for:

Legalized Translations
Technical / Medical
Contracts / IT&C


Native Proofreader

Customer's choice
Specialised Translator
Native Proofreader
Recommended for:

Specialised Documents
Patents, publications
Research papers
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4.9 / 5 [ 2788 reviews ]
Google Review
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Prompt, quality services at an excellent price. Also, the Support Service has a perfect setup, which seems to run through a CRM system, and the team is at the customer's service and offers quick and clear answers, directly through the online chat, within seconds.
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We’ve carried out numerous projects that required the expertise of WeTranslate for technical translations, being extremely important projects, the technical documentation amounting to thousands of pages sometimes. We recommend WeTranslate as a good business partner, oriented to the customers’ needs.
Google Review
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I am thrilled that I sent / received the documents, and I was able to make the payment online. My request was answered quickly, and I received the translations in the time I was told from the beginning, which was 2 days. It was a useful service, especially now during the Covid period, when I was able to solve everything online, from home.
Insurance Health House Botosani City
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Due to the very constructive collaboration with the WeTranslate team, we manage to complete all the obligations towards our clients, for the translation of medical documents. We are greatly impressed by the professional nature and promptness of the WeTranslate team.
Google Review
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A very efficient, proactive and professional team that can solve even the most complex request in a very short time, even if it’s an emergency. I am very confident that they will be able to help you when you’ll need translation services. Thank you!
International Organization for Migration
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We've been sincerely impressed with your outstanding cooperation, everytime we need your support for our translation needs. Each time, the entire service is exceptionally well, fast and in a most professional way. Kindly accept our sincere appreciation and warm thanks for your amazing dedication.
Google Review
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I highly appreciated the very good communication, the promptness of the answers and the willingness to understand the problem well before offering solutions. Both the authorized and the legalized translation services were of the highest quality, just as I expected. Thanks, WeTranslate!
Google Review
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I found WeTranslate through a recommendation from a friend and I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself collaborating with a very prompt and professional team. They solved everything I needed and saved me a lot of time. We will definitely use your services again.
Google Review
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Super professional team ... I trusted in the professionalism of WeTranslate after visiting their website and I managed to complete the translations in a very short time! Everything, with just a few clicks! Online documents... online payment! Thanks, and good luck!
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Fairness and punctuality, even if it’s the first project with WeTranslate! These are the most appropriate words to describe the services we received and the experience we had with their team! We will definitely work with them again in the future!
Why customers choose WeTranslate
  • +65.000 orders delivered;
  • +22.000 happy customers;
  • +1.700.000 pages translated;
  • +99,99% customers satisfaction;
  • +800 certified translators;
  • +2.300 positive reviews on Google;
  • TOP 5 translation agencies;
  • Online payments, directly from invoice, within 20 seconds;

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