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Come and join WeTranslate, to be part of a team where excellence and professionalism are the main values that guide us, for every client in need for translation services.

Together with our team, we gained the trust of +25.000 clients, delivering +80.000 orders and becoming #1 Online Translation Agencies in Romania, with a customer satisfaction of +99,9%.

5.0 / 5 [ 2964 reviews ]
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We cherish

The quality of services and the experience of each client, is the results of a super professional team, which always puts the client first.

The most important resource of WeTranslate is represented by the team of Account Managers, translators and interpreters, who in addition to enthusiasm and dynamism, bring passion, initiative and professionalism to the team.

As we learn from the professionalism of our clients, we also want to learn from the experience of translators, who bring unlimited values to the constantly developing team.

Join to our
translators team

  • You are an authorised or certified translator;
  • You have at least 3 years experience;
  • Observe deadlines and always deliver on time;
  • You aim for the satisfaction of your customers and put their need first;
  • Observe deadlines and always deliver on time;
  • You pay attention to details and you like challenges;
  • You have great reputation and recommendations from other customers;
  • You have a minimum of 4 hours / day available to carry out translations;
  • You want a lasting collaboration, with large projects;
  • You use the latest Microsoft Office softwares;
  • You render the translated documents 1:1, identical to the original;
  • You have a real advantage if you use CAT Tools and Adobe Pro;
  • You issue invoice for the services rendered;
  • You provide us with information about you, your experience, the languages in which you translate, your fees – by using the form below;
  • You attach your CV, authorisation / certificate and your recommendations;
  • We will analyze your info and if you fit the profile we are looking for, we will contact you to have a detailed discussion;
  • We prepare the contract, we send it to you to analyze it and to sign it;
  • You carry out the translations, you review them and you deliver them;
  • At the beginning of each month you send us a complete record that will contain all the orders, which we will check together;
  • You issue the invoice at the beginning of the month for the projects of the previous month and we pay it by bank transfer, extremely fast;
  • Next month, we repeat what we did the previous month 🙂

What we offer you

  • Depending on your experience, you can have exclusivity in taking orders, for our corporate clients;
  • Large orders per month, which can reach 300-400 pages / month, for the frequently requested languages;
  • Opportunities to develop and work on challenging projects;
  • 24/7 support from our team;
  • Feedback after each completed job;
  • Very short payment term – 5 business days on average;

Fill our contact form

  • We will be able to assess your experience and which projects are most suitable for you;
  • We select the best translation and interpreting professionals, in order to always ensure the best quality of translations;
  • You can leverage you recommendations from other customers, so that we know what their experience was with you;
  • You will send us the information in a structured, simple and clear way;
Translators' views
about WeTranslate
5.0 / 5 [ 2964 reviews ]
Alexandru Postu
English Translator
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WeTranslate stands out for its professionalism, transparent and fast communication, from the transmission of orders to the confirmation of payment, which is done in just a few days. I am very pleased with the collaboration with WeTranslate and I recommend all translators to collaborate with this team of professionals.
Diana-Norina Grasu
English - German Translator
Read More
Professionalism, promptness, communication, in short -> WeTranslate! A young and professional team, which pays attention to the smallest details, focusing on the satisfaction of clients and translators. With a collaboration of over 4 years, we have completed countless projects, with over 10,000 translated pages.
Victoria Costea
English Translator
Read More
I warmly recommend the WeTranslate team! The entire collaboration of the last 4 years has been exemplary, from all points of view, oriented towards the needs of the clients. I have a volume of over 300 pages to translate every month, and payments are super fast every time. Thank you for your professionalism!
Arpad Turoczy
Hungarian Translator
Read More
A 5 STAR + company, characterized by professionalism, openness, punctuality and promptness! A kind and proactive team. At such a thing we say: "Take off your hat!". Payments are made on time. Today, after issuing the invoice, in 30 minutes I received proof of payment! With such partners, I feel lucky!
Cornelia Aldea
English Translator
Read More
After a collaboration of over 1 year, all I can say is: WOW! The team is super professional, with great projects of hundreds of pages per month and everything is going great! 66 / 5000 Translation results I didn't think there were customers who paid the invoices in a few hours. Until WeTranslate! Thank you for choosing me as part of the team!
Mădălina Ghesea
English - German Translator
Read More
As a translator I found a great team in WeTranslate! Quality people, numerous projects, interesting and more than promptness, in terms of paying invoices (which you rarely find)! We have been working together for technical translations for almost 2 years. Good luck with everything!
Hanan-Layla De Juncker
Dutch Translator
Read More
I have been working with WeTranslate since 2019 for projects in / from the Netherlands and I can say that all the team members are very professional. Communication is prompt and payment is made quickly. When I forget to issue invoices, they remind me every day. A translation company that deserves its place in the TOP 10, which deserves to be recommended!
Maria Nania
Russian Translator
Read More
WeTranslate Agency has been one of my favorite clients for over 3 years. 99 / 5000 Translation results From the very beginning, the WeTranslate team showed seriousness, professionalism and fairness. They have respect for their translators. During the collaboration I had only pleasant experiences. I recommend them with much pleasure!
Andra Maravela
Italian Translator
Read More
I have been collaborating with the WeTranslate agency for over 4 years and I can say that it is excellent! They are professional, friendly and reliable! They come to your aid when you need a professional opinion, because they themselves have developed through a lot of work and seriousness. They always have ingenious and creative projects. I strongly recommend them!
Adela Pricop
Greek Translator
Read More
I have been collaborating with WeTranslate for over 4 years. I appreciate the seriousness and professionalism of the entire team, its fairness and involvement in building a trusting relationship with its employees. The word that characterizes them is "exigency", from which both clients and we, the translators, have to gain.
Cristina Ștefănescu
English Translator
Read More
I appreciate the WeTranslate team's professionalism, seriousness, experience, flexible way of working and a very good organization. They are dedicated to each client, putting quality and punctuality in the first place and respects its employees a lot. We have a close collaboration, based on a very good communication and support.
Adina Iacob
English Translator
Read More
I have been collaborating with WeTransate for over 4 years and although my work is carried out from home, I feel part of this team of young, dedicated and persevering people, always at high standards, both in terms of service quality, communication, transmission projects as well as payments.

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